Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Painted White Or Stained Trim?

I've been a painting fool this past week, with the kitchen and trim.  We've also been replacing some of the rotten/gross baseboard and casement moulding in the hall and family room with fresh new wood.  It's gotten me thinking about how to finish the wood trim.  I've always preferred crisp white trim, but stained wood can be very attractive as well. What do you prefer?  White trim?

West Coast Hampton traditional living room

Lowcountry Residence traditional entry

Urrutia Design contemporary bedroom

Sleeping Beauty contemporary bedroom

Family Room traditional family room

Or do you like stained trim?

Wetmore Residence traditional hall

KitchenLab traditional kitchen

Earthy Modern contemporary hall

Prospect Park West contemporary living room

Middle Parlor eclectic family room

I'm painting our trim white but some of the pictures of the stained trim are awfully beautiful.  Maybe next house...kidding!


  1. One word...white! Sorry, I am not the one to ask. I would paint my dog if he would sit still long enough.

  2. I love the look of the stained trim in the photos you posted! But that is gorgeous wood and beautifully detailed trim and molding. Since I will likely never have a house quite like that, I have to say white for my house ;)

  3. I can never decide. For this house, we are doing white. It's easier. When we moved in, some trim was stained but most of it was white. We painted it all white for consistency.

    Weird to see that first picture up there. That is exactly the color scheme I am going for in the family room, down to the cognac leather sofa.

  4. Absolutely love the Noel Cross design. Love the stained trims :)

    Minted Magazine

  5. We painted our wood trim really was a tough decision, but it brightens things up SO much! If you go white on the walls, stained trim can be really nice...otherwise I find white easier to work with. Just came across your blog and I'm your newest follower!

  6. OMG I am the worst new follower ever - so sorry for the multiple comments (delete please!) disqus was giving me 'tude.

  7. Lol. I was thinking that my computer must have a glitch. No worries. Thanks for stopping by, and following. I'm on my way to check out your blog as well.

  8. Its a very great idea to put some paint to those annoying stains. It will make you home a bit pretty that the old one.