Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Christmas!!!!!

Even though the house isn't habitable it was important to me to still put a tree up.  I mean, I have a three year old who's just starting to get into the whole Santa thing and I can't very well start out by having him come through the garage to deliver presents.  Not that they would even fit into the mouse hole we're living in.  So we managed to clear/clean an are of the living room to display some holiday cheer.

I haven't been feeling especially in the spirit of Christmas this year but I think putting a crooked tree in the house allowed me a little sense of normalcy.

Next year it's going to be a Christmas EXPLOSION in the house to make up for this year.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Help Me Choose + Kitchen Sneak Peek

 The cabinets are up though not all the doors are on.  The countertops are on but still mostly covered.  You may be able to tell which one I chose, but I'm saving that reveal and the reason I chose what I did for another day.  

So that's all great and dandy, but I have a decision to make that I'm dragging my feet on.  I bought a reversible farm sink but can't decide which front I like the best.  I originally bought it for the fluted look, but my husband likes the more plain front.  Take a look and tell me what you think.  I'm REALLY torn.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And The One Shall Be Two

The work is continuing in the butler's pantry and first floor bathroom.  We started with one room.

And then...

And now we have the first floor bathroom, 

 and the butler's pantry.

 It's so nice to have walls (and ceilings) again.  A lot still to do in these rooms, but I'm really looking forward to having a toilet in the house.  Maybe if I'm extra good this year Santa will bring me one.  That has to be one for the books. It really is the simple things in life these days that make me happy.  

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bu-Bye Old Porch

Since we have a new porch and entrance into the kitchen addition, there really is no need for the old one.  I mean it wasn't original to the house, and our yard is so stinkin small that we could use the space.  So it had to go.  


The doorway used to be where the Tyvek wrap is on the right.  The masons did an awesome job bricking it in.  You'd never know that used to be a door.

So now to the inside of the room.  Here's a picture when it was the kitchen.  Remember this?  The peacock wallpaper and linoleum floor?  Notice where the door used to be.

And now it's the family room.  We're adding a gas fireplace so the room will be nice and cozy.

Eventually it will look something like this. 


Oh, it looks so civilized.  I often look at the house and think, "will it ever be done?"  I'm not talking about decorated done.  I'm just talking about walls, toilets, get the point.