Sunday, February 23, 2014

Newly Refinished Floors And Starting On The Pink Desk

This is a not so exciting post, but I'm really trying to keep to my Monday posting.  The good news.  I found my pink.  Yes!!  Krylon Hot Pink color matched so that I don't have to smell 15 cans worth of spray paint fumes. The bad news.  I didn't finish painting it.  We had a costume party to go to Saturday night and we had one too many drinky poos so I was feeling less than productive on Sunday.

 Me and the hubs.  Can you guess what we went as?

I did get it started though.

The other good news is that the floors are refinished.

We can't walk on them for a few days but I can't wait to start moving things the desk if I ever finish it.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Why Is It So Hard To Find A Good Hot Pink Paint?

So you can tell from the post title that I've decided on pink for the desk.  Remember my inspiration picture?

I've searched high and low (or at Ben Moore and Sherwin Williams) for something in this vain and I've come to the conclusion that this color doesn't exist outside of this picture.  I took a hot pink sweatshirt that I own to try to color match it and they couldn't do that either.  All the pinks I've looked at are just not bright enough.  I'm wondering if I'm going to have to look at Krylon paints.  I'm not anxious to spray paint the desk but maybe they could color match from the can?  Frustrating, especially since the desk looks like this..

All primed and ready to go.  On a separate note, I finished the stencil..Hooray!!!!!  It really wasn't as bad as I feared.

Note the stain on the ceiling.  The humidifier in the attic leaked and went through the ceiling...awesome.  So add getting the ceiling patched and painted again to the list.

I think it's the lighting, but the color is actually a bit more intense than it looks in these pictures.  Anyway, so the next thing (besides finding the holy grail of hot pinks) is getting the floor refinished which is starting today.  That should be a big transformation.  So, things are rolling along.  Once the floor is done my husband will put in the baseboards and most likely some crown molding.  Unfortunately NOTHING is square in our house. The ceilings are not the same height from one end of the room to the other which makes the stencil look a bit wonky in spots so I think molding will lend a hand in that regard. The next thing on my radar is a light fixture.  I need major wattage with minimal height and price.  Eek!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Deciding On Colors And Fabric For The Craft Room

Thanks to everyone who commented about the stencil.  After reading your comments and taking some time to think about the road ahead, I decided to go for it and stencil the whole room.  It's not done but it's very close.  It's actually not as hard as I thought it would be and surprisingly it doesn't look as busy as I thought it might.  Plus, I have to remind myself that a lot of the walls will be covered with "things" i.e, shelving, art etc, so nothing to worry about.  Now that the stenciling is winding down I've got to start thinking about what the next step is...painting the desk.  I could pick any color and I think it would go with the yellow walls.  I'm leaning toward either hot pink (like my inspiration picture) or some shade of aqua though.

From Tobi Fairley
 I'll probably pull the color from the fabric I'm almost positive that I'm using in the room.

It's called Portobello Vase in the blossom colorway.  I think it will make pretty accent pillows and maybe curtain panels if I'm feeling ambitious.  So that's all that's going down at the domicile.  I should have the stencil done this week and hopefully the desk painted by the weekend.  And then the floors are getting refinished.  I'm super excited for the ugly brown painted wood to go away.  I'm fine with painted floors, but painting wood floors brown?  Not a fan.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stenciling the "Office"

I did it.  I started the stencil.  God help me.

Ignore to the left of the door.  I need to touch that up # what a pain. Yes, I ended up going with yellow.  I couldn't help myself.  It's the color that epitomizes happiness to me.  And I think my secret goal is to have every color of the rainbow in the house.  It's slightly different than my inspiration picture since the colors are inverted.  My husband likes it better that way.  It was actually not on purpose, but a happy accident.  The fact that my husband not only likes, but loves, the stencil is a miracle in itself.  As for the rest of the colors in the room, I'm still not sure.  I'm doing things totally backwards from the way I usually do them.  Usually I pick a fabric first.  I think I'll have a lot of choices to pick from with this color though so I'm not too worried about it.  Now for what I'm not showing you...the rest of the room.

 So it's decision time.  To stencil or not to stencil the rest of the room?  The stenciled area is where the "office" portion of the room will be.  The stencil could be a way to designate that space.  Or I could stencil it all.  I'm concerned that it might look too busy though.  That and it's a pain in the butt to stencil, though I have to say not nearly as bad as the last one.  That's the real reason.  Thoughts?  If I don't stencil, I plan on putting punches of color in the rest of the room which will be the craft/painting area.  As per my usual, I couldn't help but buy the faintest hint of yellow.  My husband and daughter said they're sick of all the white in the house.  With the exception of the guest bathroom I guess I am kind of a saturated wall color chicken.  Baby steps.

The other thing we got to this weekend is working on the little storage nook.

My husband built the cabinet drawer in.  The only thing that's missing is a big piece of wood that will sit on top which will be upholstered by moi (and paint and a pull of some sort, and probably a pillow or two..that's it).

I'm pretty happy with the progress.  Still lots to do though...

-Stencil the rest of the room?
-Refinish the floors
-Paint all the trim/windows
-Paint the desk
-Build/buy shelving/work areas
-Pick colors/buy fabrics

That shouldn't take long, right? Heh.