Monday, January 9, 2012

Family Room Fabric Choice And Progress

It's taken what feels like ages to decide on a fabric for curtains.  My husband is bugging me on the daily to come up with something so that we can pick a paint color for the room.  My problem is that I like too many different color combinations and fabrics.  It's so hard to narrow it down.  I've decided on "the one" a few times now.  But since I know what the kitchen fabric is and since the family room is visible from the kitchen it has helped me to narrow the choices down.  Blah blah, get on with it.  Anyway, so this is what's going in the family room.

It's Braemore Gorgeous Pearl fabric.  It has some of the same grays/taupes as the kitchen fabric (though its hard to tell in pictures) as well as some aqua and green.  The walls will be BM Revere Pewter.  We're trying to stick to historic colors on the first floor when we can.


Here's the room it's going in.

Lots of progress in here considering this used to be a kitchen.

The gas fireplace is in and we're loving it.  I still have to paint the mantel, the new trim, which isn't in yet, and the walls.  I'm dreading doing all the painting but it's going to be an amazing transformation when it's done.  


  1. I tried Revere Pewter in my home. Gorgeous color, just looked horrible on the side of the room that only gets eastern light and abuts the very warm fireplace. On pinterest, though, there are tons of homes that used that color, and each one is prettier than the next.

    Cool fireplace and fabric. Your home is going to be lovely, Tiff.

  2. Thanks Jules. Did you have Revere Pewter up in your posts about choosing color for your fireplace? I'm going to have to look back at that. Hope it looks good in our room. You're right, lighting is everything.

  3. I love this fabric. It looks like a linen? It is beautiful. I also like the marble in the floor. I am confused about the gray. Is it for the wall or mantel, or both? OK, I just went over to pinterest like Jules said. That color is lovely!

  4. It's actually a cotton. The color is for the walls. The mantel will probably be white like the trim. I'm going to have to go to pinterest to check it out.

  5. Pretty! I love the aquas in the floral fabric.

  6. That is such a beautiful fireplace! I've never seen anything like it!

  7. I got a chair in this color! I love it - my walls are a light gray color. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on to the color fabric my curtains shoud be? I wouldn't mind getting a second complimentarly pattern but i am afraid to mix and match patterns yet, do you have any suggestions for me if i should or shouldn't mix patterns and just stick with a solid? Thanks! Brittany