Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Options Part I

The floors did get installed in the hallway, butler's pantry and family room which is a huge improvement.  When everything is finished they'll come back to sand and polyurethane them.  

Family room
First floor bath looking into butler's pantry

The cabinets are still going up.  They kind of took a break last week.  The installers seem to be very thorough which is good and bad.  I only say bad because it's taking so freakin' long to put them up.    

I've had to make some pretty tough decisions in the past week.  Namely about the countertops.  I really really love the look of marble.  Who wouldn't want one of these kitchens?

via decorpad.com
via decorpad.com
via decorpad.com
There are about a gazillion pictures and blog posts about marble countertops because they are so timeless.  But...they are also completely impractical for someone like me who has borderline OCD.  All my hair would fall out worrying about stains and etching.  But oh is it beautiful.  

I also love Quartz..
via kitchenbuilding.com
They even have some that mimic the look of marble

Ceasarstone Misty Carrara
But...I've heard that you can't take things hot out of the oven and set them down on quartz.  I guess it's not the end of the world.

We also looked into Soapstone 
via anantmarmo.com
via soapstonecounters.com
Such a classic look.  Our neighbors have soapstone and they love it.  But...I know myself.  I'm fairly lazy at home and I just can't see myself oiling these every six months or sanding them if heaven forbid they get a scratch.  I'm twitching even thinking about it.

The only biggie left that I haven't mentioned is granite.  We've had granite countertops before and were pretty happy with them.  My only beef with them is that our particular granite had a lot of mica and quartz bits that chipped.  I lived through the tragedy though and lost very little hair since our installer was able to "fix" these areas.  Other than that, no problems and no maintenance.  Yes.  

So after giving it a lot of thought, we decided to stick with granite.  I really wanted to get a white colored granite which apparantly is an oxymoron.  I've seen some whiteish granites online but the local retailers in my area didn't have a lot of choices.  Apparantly you have to live in Utah to get the goods.  Don't ask me why.  Anyway, here are the options:  

Option one is Delicatus White
via stonecontact.com
Pinned Image
via houzz.com
This is probably one of my favorite kitchens.  The granite looks so dreamy.  There is a lot of variation in this stone.  Some slabs end up looking really peachy yellowy while others are more gray, black and white.

Delicatus White via marvamarble.com

 Option two is Ambrosia White.
Ambrosia White via marvamarble.com
I really love the movement of this granite and it has some nice grey veining with garnet spots. 

Option three is Spring White
Spring White via marvamarble.com

This granite is actually similar to the Delicatus White.  It has white, black, grey, and taupe with some garnet spots. 

So, opinions?  We had the template made today for the granite.  I actually already decided on one, but I'll reveal what it is once it's in.  I hope I made the right decision.  All three are really beautiful.  It was tough to choose but I'm really excited about some of the progress that's taking place.  Yay progress!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone has a great day.  Next week I should have some house updates.  Until then...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let There Be Light

Things are really starting to pick up now. The windows and new door are in and they started to put some of the cabinets in the room to configure where they will be going.  It's really starting to resemble a kitchen now.  

I guess I'd better start thinking about colors.  The cabinets are going all the way to the ceiling so the majority of the room will be white.  Obviously there are a lot of windows and thus a lot of natural light so I'm thinking that the walls are going to have to be somewhat dark.  We haven't picked out countertops or backsplash yet so that will skew our decision of course.  You would think that with how long this has taken that I would've  had this all figured out already, but I don't.  I've almost figured out which lights are going in the room.  These are the choices:


I've only seen the satin nickel island lights in person.  I'm waiting for the store to bring in the glass version before I decide.  I think they're a good look for the style and age of our house.  Originally I wanted to do lanterns but my husband gave it a big thumbs down.  For some reason he likes them for our hallway though.  No rhyme or reason with him.  Must be an XY thing.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Who Knew?

Well I finished my oil painting class and here's my most recent painting.

I have to pat myself on the back just a little bit here so bear with me.  I took this class after my friend begged me.  I had taken a pottery class last year and it was an epic fail.  It definitely was not the Demi Moore in Ghost experience that I was hoping for.  The clay was not soft and squishy like I imagined and it was really a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.  I'd given up on having any artistic ability, especially after remembering the abysmal things I "created" in high school art class.  So I reluctantly signed up for the oil painting class.  The teacher's style was very free.  Translation, she gave no instruction whatsoever.  Normally I am a very think inside the box only type of person.  I'm  right-brained and am somewhat rigid in my thinking.  Things have to be just so which really doesn't lend itself to letting the creative juices flow.  Normally I would run the other way in this type of class.  No instructions!  Well what do I do?  Cannot compute, cannot compute (steam coming out of my ears).  I think since I've gone through so much in the past few months that this freedom was actually welcome.  I didn't have to think.  I really didn't care if I didn't know what I was doing.  I was just going to enjoy it no matter what.  And then it happened.  I painted this from a picture in a magazine.  Is it perfect?  No.  But I'm pretty damn proud of the way it turned out. 

 So now my "masterpiece" is providing the pop of color needed for our stark carriage house bathroom.  I don't know if it will stay here but for now it's great.  Who knew?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

We Have A Floor!!

As I suspected, the floors did not go in at the end of October.  Luckily that was only delayed about a week.  

They actually hammered each piece of wood in by hand.  No pneumatic gun.  Why you ask?  Gluttons for punishment?  Nah.  They like to do things old school because they feel that using the pneumatic gun results in some boards being tighter or looser than others.  Granted it goes much faster with automatic tools but they feel better about it and we couldn't be happier.  Forget that the floor is gorgeous...even though it still has to be sanded and polyurethaned.  It's a floor.  It represents one more step in the direction of us getting out of the carriage house and into our home.  Our spacious home where I'll have a kitchen and more than 300 sq ft to move around in.  

They're coming back to finish up the family room and hallway this week which already looks better now that the old wood has been removed.  

We would have liked to restore the old floors, but even the wood installer agreed that they were beyond repair.  So new floors it is.  

We should be getting the windows and new back door installed this week.  Another thing that will make a huge impact on the way the room looks.  And then, cabinets.  I may just pee myself I'm so excited.