Monday, January 12, 2015

I Need Opinions On Choosing A Soothing Office Palette

Remember when I said that I was opening my own business?  Well I'm trying to narrow my color palette choices.  One thing that I know that I want to convey through color is calmness.  So here are some choices that I'm looking at.

I probably would stick with the bottom three grays here.

I'm doing a flooring similar to this but a different material.

Ugh, I really like all three and am having a tough time deciding.  The look I'm going for is rustic modern if that helps.  That could totally change though.  Ha!  I'm so indecisive.   So what do you think?

On a separate note, here's some progress in the sunporch.

There will be a crown on it and it will continue over the doors.

Bottom cabinets in and you can see that the ceiling is partially painted.

That's it for now.  The library ladder has been made so the rest of this should be going in soon.  I think. I hope.