Sunday, July 13, 2014

Scratching My Head And Twiddling My thumbs

So getting the molding fixed is on a major hold which means so is wallpaper.  Major drag.  We've searched high and low for someone to fix the darn thing.  We may have to start looking in another city! Let's pretend for a second that things were moving forward.  This is the wallpaper that's going in.

And this piece of furniture that we bought on Craigslist is also going in this space.

It's currently in our dining room but is really not the right size for the space.  It has the same tones as the wallpaper so I think it will look really nice and has some storage too which is always a plus!

Now back to reality.  Since a big fat nothing is happening in the foyer, I decided the other day that I might shift my focus to the sunroom.  Ugh!

And I thought the foyer was bad.  Apparently the last person to paint this room had something against primer.  Since it's flaking off everywhere I can only imagine that they used latex over oil.  Fun times ahead...