Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Playroom Ideas

No, the porch isn't done, and neither is the master bed/bath.  They're a work in progress that will probably take a while.  C'est la vie.  In the meantime, one room that is almost finished (but not decorated) is the playroom.  This will be the first room finished on the second floor.  No we still don't have a bedroom, but having this room done will allow us to get rid of a lot of boxes of toys that my daughter hasn't seen in almost a year.  It's going to be like Christmas for her and I couldn't be more thrilled.  So, here's how the room is looking now after plaster work, sanding, new baseboards, electrical, paint, and newly refinished floors.

Now to daydream about what I eventually want for this room.

I really want this Caitlin Wilson fabric for window cornices.

Yes, it's pricey, but I wouldn't need much of it.  I don't think I'll put anything else on the windows...just let the light shine on in.

Then  I think I'd like to wallpaper that back wall in this Thibaut wallpaper.

That is the best image I could find.  It's actually a closer match in person.

I really want a play table and chairs and I think these from Land of Nod would be perfect.

Maybe a couple of these would also be cute.

I'm thinking a navy blue area rug might be nice to hide the inevitable stains.  Something like one of these?

A bookcase is a must as well.  Maybe something like these.

So that's the vision  dream... so far.  I guess a ceiling light would also be helpful and some other odds and ends.   If only money grew on trees (or really hideous shrubs that scream "hi, I'm from the 80's" that can be found in bulk in our front yard).

Monday, July 23, 2012

On Turning 40

I haven't been blogging lately, not for any good reason.  It's just been so hot and I've been so lethargic (and pregnant).  There has been a bit of house progress but it doesn't seem to be blog worthy...yet.  So the only semi-exciting thing going on over here was my birthday.  No, it wasn't exciting turning 40, not that 40 is a horrible thing, just not something to jump up and down over.  What was exciting was that my husband threw me a surprise birthday party and I was actually surprised!  Anyone who knows me well knows that it's nearly impossible to surprise me.  I always have a way of finding things out.  Not on purpose, but accidentally.  Apparently it's very annoying to the surprisor.  

Anyway, the only reason I'm blogging about it is because I had to share a few pics of my friend Melanie's (aka Martha Stewart) genius in baking.

I can't believe she made (and color matched) everything on the table...except for the flowers, obviously.
It looked like something I'd pin on pinterest!  

The whole party was amazing.  I had a couple of friends drive 5 hours to come!  It was an awesome day as a whole.  I was under the false assumption that my husband and I and another couple were going out to dinner that night.  In preparation, my husband had me go to get my hair and nails done which was a luxury by itself.  Unfortunately the only snafu in the plan was the dress I wore.  I have a super cute maternity dress that I wore once during my last pregnancy that would have been perfect except for the fact that it's hidden in a box somewhere in that warehouse at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie.  Or it's somewhere in a box on our third floor.  Same difference.  So I decided that since it was about 100 degrees out that I would just wear a cheap horizontal striped (what was I thinking!) sundress that was a size too big.  It seemed like the closest thing to being comfortable and naked.  It didn't translate too well though...especially in photos.  It seems in the midst of my pregnancy I've grown a buffalo hump on my back, or so the pictures would have you believe.  Oh well.  It was still an awesome day:)