Friday, January 20, 2012

The Hallway

I'm still working on painting the kitchen.  We're going with my husband's choice which has actually turned out to be a great color.  I'll show pictures when it's done.  

In the meantime, since I have project ADD, I've been trying to figure out how to spruce up the hallway that connects the front and more formal part of the house to the back where the more casual areas are.  Here's what I've been drooling over.

HDA Project 816 traditional hall

Urban Homestead traditional hall

Christmas Showhouse 2009 first floor foyer traditional hall

antique stone staircase traditional hall

Portfolio traditional hall

Hall contemporary hall

Kenilworth Private Residence 1 traditional hall

Brownhouse Design traditional hall

And, here's my hallway.

Obviously these aren't going to work for my hallway, but they're all so beautiful.  The last picture is probably the closest to the width of my hall.  Other than paint and maybe some pictures, not sure if I can put any kind of moulding up.  I'm concerned that it would close it in even more.  What do you think?


  1. The last picture with the skinny hallway has molding, so it seems like you could. I think there's always room for art. I vote for molding and fancy wallpaper :-)

  2. My vote is to add mirrors if possible. I think we need to do a hallway challenge!

  3. Just found a hallway pic, with mirror...maybe this will make you more confused?

  4. I vote for molding on the walls. Painted bright white it will add a lot of interest to the walls without a lot of "stuff" or clutter to close in the space. Looks like you already have some gorgeous lanterns. Love those!

  5. My husband and I talked about it and I think we are going to try to put some moulding up.
    I love the lanterns too...I got them for a steal which makes me love them even more:)

  6. We're doing wallpaper in the foyer so I don't think my husband will go for it in the hallway as well. Compromises, you see.

  7. Now that's a hallway! I like the mirror idea. Hmm.

  8. These are fabulous pics of wonderful hallway and entry spaces! I am writing a post about these kinds of spaces too- very inspiring! I like your downstairs bath too- very elegant!