Thursday, April 17, 2014

One Room Challenge-Week Three

It was a very busy week for us and a cubic butt load of things got done so let's get right to it.

Boo-ya!  Carpet and wallpaper-Bam!  And the light as well-Double Bam!  Ok, now about that snafu.  Someone didn't measure correctly and didn't buy enough wallpaper to cover the whole room.  That same someone didn't realize that this wallpaper was discontinued 1YEAR AGO.  No wonder it was such a steal on Ebay!  The real pisser is that there was another seller of the wallpaper at the same time so I would have had enough had I bought from that seller as well but I didn't realize my mistake until it was too late.  Wah-wah.  I've searched from the mountains to the oceans and into other galaxies and I can't find anymore of it.  Soooo, we now have an accent wall where the fireplace will go.  Not the end of the world really.   You know what they say, "when life gives you say f-you and then move on".  That's what I was taught anyway.

Oh yes, also got to the window benches.  Very simple DIY to upholster those. Just took my fabric, batting, foam and stapled it to a piece of MDF.  And I bought some cheap roller shades from Lowe's and snazzed them up with some ribbon...and then promptly ran out of ribbon so I could only do one.  Typical.

And here is what it looks like closed (oops, didn't close it all the way.  You get the idea). I followed this tutorial  which was ridiculously simple.  The windows may be getting a little cornice treatment or maybe not.  I haven't made up my mind yet.

Got my cutting for approval for the headboard fabric.  Hells yeah!!!  Not feeling as enthusiastic about upholstering them myself though.

And bedding-check.

So here's what's left to do:
-Crown molding, new baseboards and shoe molding
-Window benches under both windows/ upholstery
-Window treatments (1 more)
-Light fixture/ table lamps
-Wallpaper (slight snafu with that which I'll talk about later)
-Upholster the headboard (and find bed frame and mattresses and bedding)
-Nightstands makeover
-Make pillow covers

I found some nightstands on craigslist that are getting a makeover and still might have something planned for the windows besides what's been done.  I also need a bed frame and mattresses and some art etc.  That's what I was forgetting on my original list!  I knew I was forgetting something.  Oh and the fireplace.  Ok, I'm getting a bit nervous.  I still have a fair bit of work to do so I'm signing off.  Make sure you check on the ORCers and the linking participants!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Curtains. I Did It, I Did It, I Really Really Did It.

It was a crazy productive week for me.  I seriously got into a DIY groove that couldn't be stopped.  I said F-U to the things I've been afraid to tackle before and dove right in.

I followed this tutorial which was SOOOO helpful.  Lots of pictures for people like me who desperately need them.  I'm never buying curtains again.  Well, never say never, but I feel pretty confident about making them.  I just feel like I can tackle anything I put my mind to right now. Tutorials.  Where have you been all my life?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

One Room Challenge Week Two

It's only week two of the One Room Challenge and I'm already exhausted.  I guess I need to put on my big girl pants and get right over it cause I still have a LOT to do in my guest room.  My husband and I (really my husband) worked like a dog to do all of the crown molding and baseboards this weekend.  He had such a hard time with the angles since, once again, nothing is square.  Somehow (with wood filler, spackle, caulk, and paint) he managed to make it look a-mazing.  And he built the window benches.  They still need a bit more trimming out but I'm super impressed with his carpentry skills right now.  Remember what it looked like before (sorry for my absolute crap photography skills)?

And voila!

 We had these cabinets left over from our kitchen so I'm glad they're getting a home.  It'll be nice to have a bit of storage.

That space is where the fireplace will go.  We bought it two houses ago and we were going to get rid of it, but this seemed like the perfect spot for it.  It just needs a bit of tweaking, which will be the subject of one of my posts.  Next up is the carpet and wallpaper.  They're both scheduled so unless all hell breaks loose next week will be a big one.  In the meantime I've got something semi cheap and cheerful planned for window treatments that I'm hoping to get started on this weekend.  Crossing my fingers that it will look as good as it does in my head.  Now I'm off to see how all the other linking participants are doing with their rooms.  Don't forget to see what the varsity team of ORCers are doing.  Ridiculous goodness.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Light Is In

I'm going to be slowing down a bit on the craft room.  I'm literally laughing as I'm writing this.  Can I get any slower?  I'm working on another room for the One Room Challenge and that's going to be my focus for the next few weeks.  I'm still going to try to do a few things here and there, like the curtains, but I probably won't have as many updates on the ol' craft room.  BUT, I did (and by "I did" I mean my husband) put up the light and I got my chairs.

I'm pretty happy with both.  So that's it for now.   I'll post a picture of the curtains as soon as I finish them.  Until then I'm off to slave away in the other room.  Why do I do this to myself?  In truth I need the motivation or my whole house will end up like the neverending craft room makeover!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The One Room Challenge-Week One

It's that time again.  Linda from Calling It Home has organized another round of talented bloggers transforming a room of their choice for the One Room Challenge.  I'm going to try to keep up with them and link up a room that I've been saving for this.  A six week turn around may be tough, but I'm going to try to keep up.  Want to see which room I picked?

In all fairness, this is what the room looked like when we moved in.  And yes that's a drop ceiling with a missing ceiling tile.  Why? No clue.  And this is what it looks like now.

I know, right?  Not much improved with the exception of a proper ceiling.  It's been rewired, which is why the baseboards are off and it's had some plaster repair.  I also recently painted the closet which was a scary mess.

It's amazing what a coat of white paint (and a sponge) can do to make a space look fresh again.

So here's the plan.

via Pottery Barn, Shades of Light, Calico Corners, Elle Decor, Electric Fireplace Pros

I know.  My moodboard skills are totally lame.  Whatever!  You get the idea.  I bought that bed frame over two years ago and it's a dirty mess.  I need to upholster the panels.  I also need to learn how to upholster the panels.  It'll all work out I'm sure.  Here's the complete list.

-Crown molding, new baseboards and shoe molding
-Window benches under both windows/ upholstery
-Window treatments
-Light fixture/ table lamps
-Wallpaper (slight snafu with that which I'll talk about later)
-Upholster the headboard (and find bed frame and mattresses and bedding)
-Furniture i.e, nightstands and maybe a chair?
-Art and whatever else I'm forgetting at the moment.

How many weeks is this?  I've got to go.  I'm already about 5 months behind.  Make sure you check out what all of the One Room Challenge bloggers are doing.  I'm sure they will not disappoint.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another Craft Room Update (Finish The Thing Already!)

This is taking a while.  I know.  Everything I do seems to.  BUT, it really is getting closer.  I finished putting the furniture together.  And if I ever see another cam bolt and lock again I'll scream!  

One of the drawer faces was damaged so I have a new one on order.  Oh joy.  More to put together.

The end table is getting a tablecloth.  I thought about painting it and then said nah.  It's going to be for sewing.  I may get something else in the future, but I had it so for now I'm calling it good...with a table cloth.  And notice the rug?  Cheapy McCheap from Amazon, but oh so soft and cozy underfoot.  I really wanted to keep the flooring neutral.  There's enough going on with the walls.  And, the ceiling is finally getting repaired in a few days and then this is going up.

from Amazon

I really wanted a semi flush mount with a lot of wattage and this is the only one that I could find that had a little bit of balls.  It takes 3 100 W bulbs.  I won't need sunglasses, but it's better than the 40 or 60 watters that I found.  I haven't gotten it yet but it's on order.  I really hope I like it in person.

I also have chairs in mind.  I think I'm going with some simple ghost side chairs and a head chair.  I'd like to keep things looking open which is why I think I'll go with them.  I'm picturing draping the desk one in a little sheepskin for a little extra something and maybe adding seat cushions to the other two.

I'm also going to order some of these for a bit of color and extra organization, which I obviously need.

from Amazon
I still need some shelves, a few pieces of art, and curtains (which I'm totally procrastinating about) and I think the room will be about done.  I feel like I'm missing something.  Hmm.  This is getting to be a regular phenomenon.  It really does suck getting old!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Painting Fool

My post title basically describes yours truly.  I didn't get to the curtains.  Partly because the thought of making them intimidates me so I'm kind of putting it off.  What I did do is paint.  And then paint some more.  And in between breaks from painting, I painted.  Seriously I feel like I should get paid for this.  I'd show you pictures but they'd bore you to tears.  I painted the closet in the craft room and the middle room, the middle room walls and ceiling and all the door molding and window trim.  It doesn't sound like that much but there was a lot of prep and priming involved.  My husband was able to replace the glass in the craft room window which took a while since that needed to be painted also.  Sensing a theme? Besides that  I did order some furniture for the craft room.  I was going to try to piece it together but that may have involved more hunting (and painting) than I really wanted.  Plus we saved a ton of money doing this work ourselves so I decided to reward all of our hard work by just buying what I think will work well.

via Home Decorators
 I ordered some furniture from the Martha Stewart craft space line from Home Decorators.  They were having a St Patrick's day sale which pretty much sealed the deal.  The irony is that I know what I'm in for.  Lots of long detailed instructions that may as well be in Chinese.  So I'll get what I a price.  More labor.