Thursday, May 31, 2012

Progress In The Boobear's Bathroom

Just a couple of quick pics to show some recent progress in my daughter's bathroom.  It's coming along and, dare I say it, may even be done soon.  There are still no lights in the room and it rained cats and dogs today so I'm relying on after work cloudy lighting, thus....

So as you can see, the vanity and medicine cabinets are in, and the board and batten is up.  Actually we cheated a bit and just did batten sans board.  We just painted the wall the same color as the battens.    When the bathroom is done I'll do a post on paint colors and where I got everything.  For now here's a list of things that still need to be done.

-Touch up painting/ sanding and painting the window trim
-Find (I have no idea where it is in the house) and have the rest of shower plumbing installed
-Install shower curtain apparatus
-Window treatment
-Add hooks or shelves to hold towels and bath toys

I think I know what I'm doing for lighting, I've bought a shower curtain, we have the shower curtain apparatus and the touch up paint.  The only thing I really still need to buy is some kind of window treatment.  
I'm super excited to finish this bathroom since it's just another step closer to normalcy.  Yay!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Painted (But Unfinished) Desk

So I did manage to get the desk painted.  My friend Melanie actually sanded and primed for me since I'm preggers, but I was able to paint it.  I took a photo with and without flash since the lighting was not ideal..Without further ado...

I think the flash picture more accurately depicts the true color (BM Stratton Blue).  As you can see it's not quite finished.  I need to find some cute knobs.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I'm looking into something from Anthropologie.  I also need to line the inside of the drawers which are a little rough.  I was thinking of a cute wallpaper since I can't seem to find a contact paper that I like.

Just for comparison, here's the before again

And here's the niche so far, and no, I haven't done anything to the hallway yet.

I'd like to make a fabric message board and have a small mirror and place to hang our keys.  Oh, and an in/outbox for mail.  We bought a chair that goes with the desk which remains in it's unpainted state, but I was thinking that an acrylic chair might be a little less obtrusive in the hall.  What do you think?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Add To My To-Do List

We have a little niche that we're going to be using as command central.  We need a place to put the desktop, mail, keys etc.  At first we were just looking for a small table, but couldn't find much that fit the bill.  We ended up deciding to get a desk for the area...we need drawers for our clutter which never seems to go away.  We found this sad little thing on CL.  It needs some love, but we figured we could make it work.

The plan is to sand/repair/prime/paint it BM Stratton Blue.


 Then I'll have to find some cute knobs for it.  I'll just go ahead and add this to the never ending list of things that need to be painted.  Like the powder room mirror.  Luckily it's a long weekend so if the weather cooperates I may just get something done.  Hopefully.

Hope everyone has a Happy (and safe) Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Picking Out An Outdoor Rug

Well the weather has been so sucky lately.  Rain followed by more rain with some rain on top.  So pretty much the only thing I'm getting done is online perusing.  We still haven't been able to finish painting the porch because of the weather.  So I'm focusing on picking out things for the porch if the sun ever makes an appearance again. We have a small furniture set from our old house that needs a fresh coat of paint, but I'm not sure what color I want to paint it.  It will come to me eventually.  In the meantime I'm starting with picking out a rug.  Here's some options that I like.

Athens Outdoor Plastic Rug  outdoor rugs

Obviously I'm drawn to the more geometric patterns as opposed to the floral, which I think might be the complete opposite to what I'm drawn to in fabric. Hmm. Now to make a decision. Actually, if I'm being completely truthful, I bought one of these but I'll wait to show you when it's on the porch...if it ever stops raining.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Can Now Officially Set My Chinoiserie Stencil On Fire

I posted before about the tiniest powder room in the world and the stencil that I thought would be a breeze to put up.  I wanted wallpaper, but no.  Wallpaper is expensive and I have a million things that need to be bought for the house like toilets, for instance.  I'll save money by doing a stencil, I thought.  Oh if I could only go back in time.  I would have paid top dollar for wallpaper now that I know the hell that is putting up a stencil.  In general stencils applied to one wall are tedious but do-able.  Something I've learned that I'm passing on to anyone who will listen.  INTRICATE STENCILS ARE NOT MEANT TO GO AROUND CORNERS.  PERIOD.  Anyone who tells you differently is not of this world...or delusional.  I ended up cutting a lot of the stencil and I did A LOT of hand painting it.  You know how many coats of white it takes to cover a dark gray wall?  A sh!t ton, that's how much.  But the good news is that I finished it, and it does look rather good if I do say so myself.  In addition the toilet and sink are also in.

That door is getting a darker stain

Ignore the missing vent cover on the floor...oops!

Can you believe how teeny tiny everything is?  It's like a bathroom for  a gnome.  When you sit on the toilet and shut the door the only thing you can see is the door which seems as though it's mere inches from your nose.

The room is still not quite done though and here's what I'm thinking.  I really want a bit of color in here since it's all gray and white, and the color I'm thinking of is coral.  I found a mirror at a consignment store for $25 which I'm going to paint a coral color and I'd like to do some kind of a coral window shade.  Here's the mirror.

I also need to address where I'm going to put a hand towel, and most importantly some soap.  No room on that sink for anything.  So that's it for now until the final reveal of my wee chinoiserie powder room.  At the rate I'm going don't expect anything in the near future;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More On Lights

The weekend was spent painting.  It seems that's all we do lately.  My daughter's bathroom is painted, the porch  ceiling and most of the porch is painted, and I finished my stencil.  I'll talk about the stencil in another post when I've gotten over what a complete and utter time suck that was.  I haven't taken pictures because my battery is dead and I keep forgetting to charge it,  but I will.

In the meantime I've been thinking about hallway lights.  There is a door that separates the kid's rooms from the master so I wanted to do something a little more fun in their area, specifically star lanterns.  I got the idea from Gwyneth Paltrow.  I never thought I'd say that before.  Normally I think she's a pretentious cow, BUT, I read an interview where she listed things that she "couldn't live without".  Apparantly one of them was a high end (of course) star lantern by Charles Edwards.  She hung them going up the stairs so her family could pass them going up to bed at night.  I thought the idea was sweet.  So I was thinking of these since there are differing heights in the hallway.

I think the idea of having stars above seems so whimsical. I know I would have loved something like this as a little girl so I hope my girl(s) thinks the same.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Is It Just Me Or Are Outdoor Fans Mostly Hideous?

So we're still working on the porch.  I bought paint over the weekend only to realize that they forgot to tint it...doh!  And of course they were closed on Sunday so I couldn't go back and therefore no painting got done.  Wah wah.  Instead we scoured the internet for an attractive outdoor fan only to find out that it's an oxymoron.  Ok, maybe that's a little harsh but, unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for one, the choices are meh.  
Unfortunately we really need one if I want to spend any time at all outdoors this summer.  There could be twenty people outside and only one mosquito and I'll be the only one who gets bit.  Repeatedly.  So annoying!  So needless to say, I need a strong draft to drive them away from my oh so fragrant skin.  Here are some fans I found that I don't hate. (Note: all images are via except otherwise noted).

Right now this is the top contender.

This one is interesting.  A fan'delier.  Expensive.

I actually just found this one.  I like it.  May be a winner.

This one is ok for this type of fan, but definitely looks like it should be in a tropical location.

I like this one but it's a bit modern for our house.

 My husband loves this one.  I like it too, but it's another one that is just a bit too pricey for us right now.

So what do you think?  I don't have a choice.  We're definitely getting a fan.  Now we just have to choose the lesser of the evils.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Color My World Link Party Favorites

Ok, can I just say that Tuesday really crept up on me...oops.  Anyway it was really fun seeing how everyone incorporated a new color into their space.  Everyone did an amazing job, but I'll just pick a few that really stood out to me.

I love love Megan's living room from A Lived In Home.  

I love the pillows, the furniture, the curtains, the chevron (aka charlie brown) rug, the dog!  I'll take it all.  Just gorgeous.

Another one of my faves was Mindy's adorable nursery seen on her blog Rindy Mae .

I've been scouring pictures of nurseries lately since I'm going to have another little girl myself, and this nursery was just to die for.  There are so many details that I adore in this room.  First, the color combo is so fresh and soothing.  Perfect for a baby.  Mindy posted a ton of pictures that show every detail which is sooo worth checking out.  Love.

And then there's Jenn's amazing furniture transformation for her daughter's room over at My Fabuless Life

Since I have pink on the brain lately, I was immediately drawn to this.  I love the color and the Eloise painting.  Her step mom painted that!  What?  Are you kidding me?  I so want one of my own!  Make sure you check out the photos, especially of how it looked before Jenn got her hands on this.  Amazing!

Well I could go on and on about everyone's rooms, but I'm writing this right before work and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be late as it is.  I really enjoyed this challenge and am so thankful to have been a part of it. An update on our laundry room.  Nothing's changed:(  There was a mix-up with the washer/dryer so that's supposed to be delivered on Friday and I'm still working out the window treatment.  Tons of other stuff is going on in the house though and hopefully I'll be able to post something about that soon.  Hope everyone has a great day!

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Porch

Our porch is FINALLY (I can't emphasize the word finally enough!) getting worked on.  Our contractor had some personal issues recently that put our project on hold for way too long.  Now he's finally at it again.  Good thing, because It was really gettin' old climbing a ladder to go into the house!  I'm sorry to say that this is the last picture I have of the porch before it's very recent improvements but you can see the ladder and get the idea.

And here it is in it's current state.  Not quite done, but a definite improvement.

The stairs are temporary but they'll be the same size.  They're almost done with the decorative bits and then we still need railings and paint.  I still haven't decided on the exterior paint.  The exterior paint at the front of the house is not as fresh as I'd like so I'll probably do a light cream.

The porch ceiling will be a classic light blue shade.  I always wondered why porch ceilings in older houses were always blue until I read Carrie's post about it.  Some very interesting theories on the matter.  We're just going to go ahead and stick with the tradition.  Once the painting is done we'll have to figure out furniture.  We have a small set that we've had for a while which might have to suffice for now...what with budget constraints and all.  Here's some inspiration pictures for what I hope the porch will look like someday.

I love the idea of outdoor curtains.  Not sure the hubs would agree though.

Source: via hannelore on Pinterest

The porch swing might be a little too big for our back porch, but our front porch (which we'll tackle in another 20 yrs) is ripe for one.

This is a dream porch.  Not going to work on ours, but just gorgeous!

This porch looks so cheery.  Makes me want a cold glass of lemonade and tea sandwiches. 

I'm so looking forward to actually hanging out on the porch, especially since summer is just around the corner.  Lately it feels like it's already arrived though!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's A Girl!!!-Sharing A Bedroom

I haven't told many people but now that I'm a bit further along I can let you in on a little secret.  I'm 17 weeks pregnant.  This might help explain why projects are so sporadic around here.  I was so nauseous in the first trimester that it was so difficult to get anything done.  I just had an amniocentesis (I'll be 40 when the baby is I crazy?) last week and already got the preliminary results major chromosomal defects and found out that we're having another girl.  We're both thrilled on both counts.  I'm glad it worked out this way since I wanted the kids to share a bedroom.  It will be much easier to decorate for two girls as opposed to a girl and a boy.  So now the preparations for the room begin.

Plaster repairs are finished, but now I'm stuck on what I want to do in the room.  At first we'll put the baby in our sitting room (if it ever gets finished).  I bought twin beds at a consignment store a while back that I plan on painting.  I love the idea of picture moldings, but then I also like the idea of a wallpapered accent wall or a curtain headboard.  Here's some of my favorite inspiration pictures.

Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest

I'm still deciding on fabrics. I showed you this one which I love. It's either going in the playroom or the bedroom, but I'm definitely using it.

I also really like this Suzani and it has coordinating fabrics.  Best of all it's cheap cheap cheap!

So, more decisions.  Eek!