Monday, January 2, 2012

Granite + Kitchen Updates

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday.  We were able to cook in our kitchen for the first time which was pure bliss.  Eating out and microwaving food was getting old so a home cooked meal was the best Christmas present ever.

So lets get to it.  Here's what we chose.

We ended up going with the White Spring granite which we absolutely love.  It's not the slab that I had on my post (that's the one they had on their website).  I really liked the Ambrosia but the color was reading really green in our kitchen instead of the gray color that I was looking for.  I really wish it would have worked, especially since it was less expensive than the one we went with.  The Delicatus Super, although similar to what we chose, was a little more expensive and the slabs just didn't look as nice.  The White Spring is the perfect combination of grays, white, black and taupes that we wanted and we couldn't be happier.  The picture really doesn't do it justice.

We also have most of the wood trim up.  Looks like I'll be breaking out the paintbrush.  Have I mentioned how much I loathe painting?  

Notice the sink?  Flat front it is.  Thanks peeps!  That includes a friend of ours who texted us in a panic fearing that he was too late.  Oh the horror! That we might have actually made the biggest design mistake of our lives by deciding on the fluted side.  All is now right with the world.

The last picture is of the entrance from the kitchen to the dining room.  We dropped the height of the opening on the dining room side so all the openings are consistent.  On the kitchen side we created a little niche for books or something decorative.

I've also picked a fabric for the windows.  Not sure how I'm going to do the window treatment, but I wanted to pick something out so that I could pick out a paint color.  Speaking of paint color, what a pain in the behind.  I've put up a few samples and then decided that I would color match at Benjamin Moore.  The best they could come up with is the exact paint colors I had originally tried.  Apparently I have a very keen eye for color matching.  If only this were something that could make me money.

Anyway, I think this looks like it was made to go with the granite.  I found it through  I've come to realize that this renovation is sucking our wallets dry, and as much as I would love to go with a Scalamandre or an Osborne & Little fabric it's just not in the budget.  This fabric is about $10 a yard...perfect.  I'll splurge on another room, but we've already busted the bank on this one.  Wah wah.


  1. It looks so bright and airy with the bank of windows! The granite looks lovely, as does the fabric.

  2. Your granite and fabric are beautiful together! Why pay Scalamandre prices when you found something so lovely for $10!?

  3. LOVE IT...I really LOVE IT! The height of your ceilings are so wonderful. Looking forward to "the next...."

  4. You're so right. Actually I've found some real gems through

  5. Thanks so much! Have to admit that I'm loving it too;)