Thursday, May 31, 2012

Progress In The Boobear's Bathroom

Just a couple of quick pics to show some recent progress in my daughter's bathroom.  It's coming along and, dare I say it, may even be done soon.  There are still no lights in the room and it rained cats and dogs today so I'm relying on after work cloudy lighting, thus....

So as you can see, the vanity and medicine cabinets are in, and the board and batten is up.  Actually we cheated a bit and just did batten sans board.  We just painted the wall the same color as the battens.    When the bathroom is done I'll do a post on paint colors and where I got everything.  For now here's a list of things that still need to be done.

-Touch up painting/ sanding and painting the window trim
-Find (I have no idea where it is in the house) and have the rest of shower plumbing installed
-Install shower curtain apparatus
-Window treatment
-Add hooks or shelves to hold towels and bath toys

I think I know what I'm doing for lighting, I've bought a shower curtain, we have the shower curtain apparatus and the touch up paint.  The only thing I really still need to buy is some kind of window treatment.  
I'm super excited to finish this bathroom since it's just another step closer to normalcy.  Yay!


  1. Coming along? It's looking fabulous! I love every single thing in this bathroom. Te vanity is so pretty. My reno is nowhere close to this level of completion...just tile finished so far. I'm envious of your progress - lol

  2. This looks awesome! I love the colors and the tile in the shower is AMAZING.

    I did the same thing when I put up my picture frame molding. As long as the wall is pretty smooth, it's really not noticeable.

  3. MyCraftyHomeLifeMay 31, 2012 at 6:26 AM

    This is gorgeous. I would pick all the same things. I love that wall color. Good for you to keep plugging away at it. I know it can be draining.

  4. We cheated, too! If you're going to suffer with slick wall plaster when trying to might as well enjoy the cost-saving benefits, too.

    We never put the caps on our B&B. We planned on it, but in the end I thought it keeping it simple would look better with our rough fire place. Every time I see capped B&B I have to remind myself of that, because it looks so good!

  5. It looks amazing Tiffany, and I love the the'd never know it's sans board!!

  6. I amazed you have the energy for any of this while pregnant! I would have LOVED to have a bathroom as lovely as this as a child!

  7. Hi Tiffany, I'm a new reader. Love your blog. Can you tell me the name of the granite or marble you used for this bathroom counter top? I love it. Thanks!