Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Color Pariahs?

My husband and I used to watch "Trading Spaces" back in the day when it still aired.  I remember watching when the designer du jour would unveil the paint color that was to go up in the room.  Most of the time we would cringe and think that the chosen color was hideous.  By the end of the show (usually, but not always)  we'd have to pick our jaws up off the floor in amazement of how the room came together.  I learned from that show to reserve my judgement until I could see everything put together.  A lot of times I dismiss something without seeing the bigger picture.

I've been thinking about this since I posted about the color purple.  Poor purple got a somewhat lukewarm response.  Certain colors are definitely not for everyone, but I've found that some colors that I thought I hated have actually looked good  when I've seen them in a room.  I thought it would be different to pick some colors that aren't necessarily popular and see if I can find pictures where the color works.  I may not make believers out of you (or me), but It might be interesting.  Sometimes it's good to revisit things instead of completely ruling them out.  

I'll start.  I hate the color peach, even though peach and I have an extensive history.  My childhood rooms consisted of either peach and green or peach and seafoam green.  Ick!  Of course at the time I loved it. It probably was an "in" color back in the "Miami Vice" days of my youth.  It certainly hasn't been on the most popular list in a looong time though.

So here goes.

Peach as the headliner?

Foyer, Historic Townhouse, Brooklyn, New York traditional staircase

Meydenbauer Residence traditional living room

Hand-painted silk wallcovering traditional dining room
traditional dining room design by newark interior designer Maureen Fiori, AKBD, Allied Member ASID, CAPS

Marshall Watson

House Beautiful- Barry Dixon

Or peach in a supporting role?

Seacliff Southern modern

via Luster Interiors-Jay Jeffers

Beverly Hills  kids

Glenwood Residence eclectic bedroom

Rough Hollow Parade Home 2010 contemporary bedroom

Hall traditional hall


This last one is giving me flashbacks.  Maybe peach really is best for a girl's room.  

So, any takers?  My favorites are the bookshelves and the bathroom picture. I'm also kinda loving that non-peach chair in the Tobi Fairley design.    I think that, for me, a little bit of peach goes a loooong way, and I definitely lean more towards the darker rather than the paler peaches.  I'm going to remain open minded, however.  I don't know if I'm going to allow peach back into my life anytime soon but I'm not ruling it out completely.  

Do you have a color that you can't envision working in a room?  You can't pick purple though.  I gave that my best effort.  If you don't like it after seeing the pictures I posted then you just don't like purple;)  


  1. Sounds like we might be roughly the same age Tiffany!!
    Peach and pink are the no-go colours for me. It probably has something to do with memories of 80's decorating, but I'm not sure. I love Fuschia, but not bubblegum pink. And I love orange, but not peach.
    The peach looks so pretty in the images you've posted but I've decided that I can admire a look without necessarily having to live with it.
    So I'll continue to admire pink and peach from afar! And be glad I only have boys so I don't ever have to deal with those colours in my house ;)

  2. I have no ill will for peach. I never give that color a thought. I am actually going to get my fan deck while I type, because I am stumped. I would say bright red. Just not a fan. I find it way too loud...look at me, look at me..kind of color. Maybe because I grew up in LA and saw way too many red Porsche's......not impressed.

  3. I absolutely love the peach in the first picture! It is definitely not a color that was on my radar, but it certainly is now!

  4. I'm glad I was able to find someone who appreciates the color peach. Welcome to my blog Catherine!

  5. Red eh? The wheels are turning in my head.

  6. I'm with you on the peach. I like it in some of the pictures but I don't need it. I definitely don't despise it as much as I thought I did though.

  7. Love the rooms with a hint of peach. The Tobi Fairley image is amazing with the gorgeous peach in the painting and the lucite chair...fabulous!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~

  8. ramblingrenovatorsFebruary 2, 2012 at 8:50 AM

    I like peach only when it leans to the coral side of the spectrum. Otherwise, its a bit sweet for my taste.

    Thanks for your input on my wallpaper dilemma ;)

  9. Tiffany,

    Funny enough I always felt that way about peach too until I painted my office a peachy sherbert kind of color with white and a soft tiffany blue accent color with accessories, etc.. SO soft and feminine it is now one of my favorite rooms... loved all your pics!!

  10. Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm with you...coral good, peach...meh. Looking forward to what you choose for wallpaper!

  11. I do love that image as well. Hints of peach can look nice.

  12. Thanks Emily! This is exactly what I'm talking about. I'm constantly changing my mind about things. Glad you were able to see past your first impressions of peach.

  13. Haha, my bedroom growing up was peach & mint green with raspberry accents. Too funny. Although the inspiration pictures you chose are lovely, I've definitely outgrown my "peach" phase :)

  14. I kind of feel you on the peach. I don't hate it though.

  15. Meh. I'd say peach is about my least favorite color.

    When I was a teenager my mother revamped her wardrobe, and every single item in it was peach or olive green, and she wore that for years.

    My mother in law just last year painted her house in Costa Rica peach.

  16. although the bathroom in my current house is painted a pale, pale peach and it works quite nicelhy with my orange and navy shower curtain.

  17. Well see, there you go. It works somewhere. I see that I haven't convinced too many people (not even myself) about peach. Maybe olive will be the next pariah-ha!