Thursday, April 7, 2016

One Room Challenge-The Sunporch and Master Bath-Week 1

Welcome to the One Room Challenge Linking edition.  I've been MIA since, oh, around January of 2015 (turns out being a business owner doesn't allow for much spare time, go figure) so let me (re)introduce myself.  My name is Tiffany and this ol' money pit belongs to moi.  We've been working on our house for about 5 years now and Linda's ORC has always been that extra push that I need to get stuff done.  Linda is the bestest and such an amazing talent.  I'm so thrilled to participate in her challenge again.  This time around I'm doing my sunporch and master bathroom. Yep, you read that right.  I'm doing two rooms.  In all fairness, the master bath has been 80% done for about 2 years or so.  A few things still needed to happen but we just kept putting it off.  The wait is over though and now it's on like donkey kong!  The sunporch is another room we've been working on for like a hundred years but it was just so time consuming that we had to bite off little chunks at a time.  So without further ado, I'll start with the sunporch.  Here's what the room looked like before we moved in. 

Blech. Those sheers/couch/headboard?  No thanks.  

This is the wall where we had always envisioned a book case.

And these are the pictures of said bookcase being built. This was back  at the end of 2014/beginning of 2015.  So the bookcase is done and mostly styled so I'm going to save that for the end.  This is what the opposite of the room looks like now after some major wood scraping and painting. Can you say nightmare?  Seriously, this is why the room was taking so long.  The good news is that it's ready for the pretty.  Speaking of, you'll notice the teeny sofa in the room.  Yes, the room could handle a bigger sofa, however, I adopted this from my friend who was downsizing.  If it wasn't a Brusnchwig & Fils sofa with Brunschwig & Fils fabric on it I wouldn't be keeping it in the room. However, since it is, I'm going to try to make this work because this sofa is like sitting on a cloud made of cotton candy and dreams.  The damn thing hugs you!  No joke.  

Of course I'll be needing some other textiles.  I think the imperial trellis looks really nice with it.  I do have some other options but don't have any pictures right now.  I'm going to do natural shades below the decorative glass with the sample below and that is a sample of a faux fur rug that will be happening.  I will also be making curtains for the two corners of the room, just for a little more color and layering.  They will be in the same chartreuse as is in the sofa pattern. 

I'm going to be incorporating these chairs in a different finish/color.  They're kind of angular and I'm hoping they don't clash too much with the sofa lines.  

Contemporary Armchairs And Accent Chairs by Philadelphia Window Treatments Calico

I'm doing two of these side tables as well as a glass coffee table.  I'm trying to keep it light and airy in here.  This is the room I'll hide in when I need a bit of serenity.

Contemporary Side Tables And End Tables by Brooklyn Furniture & Accessories West Elm

And now on to the master bathroom.  Yes, it's messy but this is real life.  When a room isn't done I can't seem to muster the commitment to keep it tidy.  I'll declutter for the final pictures.

I'm going to get a roman shade for this window

So hard to take pictures with the sunlight coming in.  Anyway I'd like to put a taller etagere in this little nook next to the tub.  I've got one in mind so we'll see if it works. 

I've had that standing mirror since I was in college and it's time for us to part ways. I'm going to put a bench there and I'd like to do something to the window.  It's teeny, but it needs some love.  We had to put window films up since it looks right into the neighbors house.  Makes showering interesting but I'm ok with not having my nakedness on parade.

We do have a door for this closet but we just need to get it back on.  I'm going to have a mirror made to attach to it.

So here's the to do list:

Sunporch:  -Get coffee table, end tables, chairs (ordered)
                  - Finish styling bookcase and style tables
                  - Put up natural shades (ordered)
                  -Make curtains and decorative pillows
                  -Faux fur rug (got it)
                  -Pray that the reality mirrors my vision

Masterbath:  -Get roman shade for window
                     -Make faux roman for small window
                     -DIY bench project
                     -Find/style etagere
                     -Hang closet door and get mirror made
                     -Touch up paint
                     -TIDY UP BATHROOM.

So what do you think?   I'm feeling optimistic about this.  Although I've not finished a room before in this challenge.  Whatevs.  I'm thinking positively.  In the meantime check out all of the other ORC'ers and linking participants in the One Room Challenge and let the games begin!!!!!


  1. So excited to follow along as you transform these TWO rooms!!! I love the floor in the sunroom and the fabrics and textures you picked out to go with your Brunschwig & Fils sofa are going to be so beautiful!

  2. Wow....what amazing potential these rooms have! I'm super excited to follow you throughout this process! :-)


    I love the B&F sofa, and the fabric on it. This is going to look fabulous!

  4. you are taking on a lot! love the fabric on the sofa! good luck with everything! can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  5. I can't believe you're doing both!! Both are such stunning spaces. I can't wait to see.

    1. Am I crazy or what? Seriously it's time. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Wahoo, two rooms for the price of one! So fun to see you blogging again. Love love love the sunporch - those windows and floor!! Looking forward to watching the transformation.

  7. That sofa and those check floors....kapow. This is gonna be good.

  8. OH my gosh your bathroom is so much like mine..same tile etc! THat room is going to be spectacular!! You picked one of my favorite fabrics for the sofa I cannot wait to see the rest what an awesome space to begin with good luck! K

  9. Wow! Both rooms are so gorgeous! I love the windows in your sunroom, what a great space! I'm excited to see those built-in bookcases. Oh, and your bathroom is already so beautiful! Fabulous start, I'm sure you will add the perfect finishing touches:) P.S. I was super close to entering two rooms as well, but then I decided I better just focus on one room since I am such a newbie blogger;) Good for you! I'm excited to see what you do!

  10. Those windows! I would die... and that sofa. Cannot wait to see what you do.

  11. Wow! I can tell your home is already gorgeous...hello windows! It will be amazing to see all of the finishes touches you will add to it-good luck on TWO rooms! This is my first time doing ORC, so I think I'll stick to just one room this time :) Kristin @ Postbox Designs

  12. This is going to be good! I love the checkered b&w floor!

  13. Love that little sofa, so happy it's staying! Also your master bath is gorg, a little tweaks it will be too hott to handle!

  14. Yooooooooooour'e back!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!! That is all I have to say. I am overwhelmed with happiness. Projects at Worthwhile Domicile. Thank you. All is right with the world again!