Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The One Room Challenge-The Sunporch and Master Bathroom-Week 3

Week 3 already?  Well I'm plugging along...

Got the side tables which I'm loving.  So far I really like the lamp in here as well.  It's starting to feel more cozy!

I started up touching up the wall paint in the bathroom.  I don't know what was happening with us the day we painted the bathroom but it looks like a couple of amateurs painted it.  So not a good job.  But it's mostly fixed.  The big hiccup for me came when we got our bathroom closet door back from the place that was supposed to strip and paint it.  The door had a super dark stain on it with missing patches of stain and we could never match it with any product that would make it look nice again so we gave up and decided to paint it.  Honestly, I really wanted a white door anyway.  When we got it back the color was way off.  Maybe because they laquered it instead of doing a semigloss latex like the rest of the trim is?  I don't know but it just looks stupid. So I'm going to have to argue with them about redoing it.  Oh joy.  Speaking of stupid, I had to add to my list of things to do in the bathroom.  I forgot that the pocket doors also have the same patchy stain on them so I'm going to have to paint those as well.  Those we're doing ourselves since it would be difficult to remove them.  I got started on them over the weekend.  Sanding, a coat of primer and two coats of paint later they still look like they're going to need a couple more coats.  So a lot of busy work this weekend but nothing fun...except for those side tables.  Trying to focus on the brighter side of things.

Next week I should be getting the shades.  I can't wait!  The curtain hardware isn't in yet so I'm waiting to start the curtains  I'm probably going to do a pinch pleat but we'll see.  I've made several curtains in my house now and I can honestly say that although they look great, they are a giant pain in the ass to make.  My ceilings are about 11 ft tall so laying out huge pieces of fabric to sew does not get me excited at all.  That will probably be the last project I do just because I'll procrastinate.

Sunporch:  -Get coffee table, end tables, chairs (ordered)
                  - Finish styling bookcase and style tables
                  - Put up natural shades (ordered)
                  -Make curtains and decorative pillows
                  -Faux fur rug (got it)
                  -Pray that the reality mirrors my vision

Masterbath:  -Get roman shade for window
                     -Make faux roman for small window
                     -DIY bench project
                     -Find/style etagere
                     -Hang closet door and get mirror made
                     -Touch up paint
                     -Paint pocket doors (F#*K!)
                     -TIDY UP BATHROOM.

Well, another week down.  Now I'm off to check out how the other Challengers and Guest participants are doing.  Can't wait!


  1. Is that the West Elm side table? It's so pretty!

    Feathers and Stripes

  2. Paint mishaps are the worst! We had a similar situation with our plantation shutters. We gave the manufacturer the paint to match our trim yet the shutters were more yellow because they were lacquered vs our latex trim :( Hope the next week goes better for you!

  3. These rooms are both so pretty to begin with. I love what you envision for them both!

  4. Oh I love that sofa!!Great tables too! K

  5. Hi Tiffany...I LOVE those tables...can't wait to see them in the room! I'm also procrastinating on making curtains, and mine aren't as big as yours :) Good luck with painting the door!

  6. I love everything about that photo!!! And ugh--SO annoying about the paint--I hope you won that argument--do keep us posted! Cannot wait to see your shades--it's crazy what a difference window treatments make in a space! As for the curtains, I can relate a bit over here. I have spent all week sewing trim onto 9ft curtains and that has been enough to make the cocktail cravings even worse (if possible), so I don't blame you for procrastinating! Cannot wait to see your progress--we're almost there!

  7. At least it's still progress right?! I don't even think I have anything to show for this Week 4! Love that table btw!