Thursday, June 2, 2011

More From The Master

Well the drywall is almost all up now except for a couple of walls in the master bathroom.  Still a TREMENDOUS mess everywhere you look and I've been having some "serenity now" moments but all in all I think things are progressing as is normal.  Slowly.  
Entrance to Master Bedroom

Husband's new closet

New pocket doors opening to bedroom (my closet on far wall)

Sitting room with closet left and bedroom

The next thing we're thinking about (in a list of about a million) is the pocket door hardware.  Let me give you some examples of some of the hinges and doorknobs in the rest of the house.

Fancy shmancy right?  I mean knock a little dust off of those puppies and they're gorgeous.  Seriously they're in incredible shape for a 100+ year old home.  I was shocked that they hadn't been painted over a million times like the house we live in now.  Someone never learned to paint inside the lines.  

So now I've been looking online for something similar.  I'm not 100% sure but I think that the ones we have are the Eastlake style which is a sub-style of the Victorian period circa 1837-1901.  They have some really nice reproductions at House of Antique Hardware.   For the real thing you can go to  The Old House Parts Company,  Rejuvenation, or Robinson's Antiques.  All three have a good selection but are on the pricier side.  Of course everything that's labeled "antique" seems to be.  I guess it goes with the territory.

Since I'm about as decisive as I am patient this could be a long process.  I really hate choices.  Can't there just be one or two of everything?   No, instead  I'll have to look at every single hinge and pull on Earth before I can even think about making a decision.  Eventually I'll post pictures of what we decide on.  Until then, don't hold your breath.  


  1. You're killing me with those hinges. I agree about the choices. I'm really better off with a finite number of options. Two, preferably.

  2. omg, those hinges are amazing. I had no idea they even made them like that.