Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Addition(al Budget Buster)

A few things HAVE TO be done before we can move into the house.
1)  Master Bed/Bath
2)  Kitchen
3)  Laundry Room

Our little one's room can be slapped together for now and she can use our bathroom.  Paying two mortgages is starting to get old and we're wasting money that we could be putting into the house.  The master bed/bath are well on their way, but the kitchen is going to be the biggest change to the house.  Why are we doing this you ask?  Because we're gluttons for punishment.  Truthfully the old kitchen was in the very back of the house and makes no sense to us since we don't plan on having servants (unfortunately).  So the plan is to turn the old kitchen into a family room and expand the horrible stucco addition to make a bigger kitchen that connects to the existing dining room and the family room.  The old porch is going bye-bye and we're building a new porch off of the kitchen which will serve as the new back entry.  It makes sense since it's closer to the garage.  Here are the plans (sorry they're kind of hard to see).

This is the way it used to look.  

The window to the left of the stucco addition is where the dining room is.  That window is going to be replaced by a doorway linking the new kitchen to it.

That little stucco addtion used to house these:

Can you imagine the conversation.   Question: "Does the shower curtain go with the floral wallpaper and faux brick linoleum?"  Answer: "Totally".  And don't even get me started about the light fixture in the laundry area.  What the hell is that thing?

Anyway, we're moving the laundry room upstairs.  We have two bathrooms on the second floor which are literally right next to each other.  One of those is going to be converted.  There is a bonus room off of the kitchen (I'll show pictures of that hot mess later) which will be split into two rooms, a butler's pantry and a bathroom.   

So construction, or, rather, destruction has started.  This is what it looks like now.  What I don't have a picture of is the pile of crap that now occupies our teeny tiny backyard.  

Pray for us people!


  1. What was there before the addition? Empty space, or a porch of some sort?

  2. Nothing was there. That porch is not original either.

  3. Oh my.

    Speaking as a woman who does 15+ loads of laundry a week, I would KILL for an upstairs laundry room. Lucky you.