Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Behemoth

Nothing terribly interesting to report.  Hopefully in the next few days the drywall in the bathroom will be done.  I can almost see the tiling in the horizon.  For now, here's what my husband will be working on this weekend.

Welcome to our basement (insert scary music).  When you're down there it feels like something out of "The Amityville Horror" house which, incidentally, is also a dutch colonial.  Anyway, we're getting a Geothermal HVAC so the old "behemoth" boiler's gotta go along with all the other pipes that you see. I don't know if you can truly get an appreciation for the sheer mass of the boiler but if you've ever taken a look at your boiler I promise you this one's bigger.  I think this thing (in it's day since it went kaput about a day after we purchased the house) could heat a hotel.   Seriously, I don't think I'm going to see my husband for days.  We're trying to save money by getting rid of everything ourselves rather than have the company charge us for the removal.  What a drag.  Not for me of course as I'll be sitting in the air conditioned comfort of where we are currently living.  Sorry honey.  See you next week.

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