Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Jewel Box

I could talk about the giant hole in the side of my house which isn't completely closed and is exposed to all the elements and critters in the neighborhood.  Or I could talk about the two tractors that encompass my entire backyard and the silt sludge they created which has traveled down the driveway, into the street and down the street to which the neighbors complained.   Or I could talk about how a million projects have been started in the house and not one completed.

But...I won't.  Instead I'm going to go to my happy place and look at pretty pictures of powder rooms.

Lori Graham via Decorpad
Nest Interior Design via Decorpad
Niche Interiors
Artistic Designs For Living

Rules for small spaces:  Keep things light, simple and avoid anything with bold patterns.
Rules for a powder room:  Ignore all rules of small spaces.

This is the room where you're allowed to go crazy and have fun with design.  I've already started to think about what I want to do in our teeny tiny powder room.  Right now it's an utter and complete dump of a room, but one day it will be an inviting little jewel box.  That is, after everything in the room is removed and I finish removing the old hideous wallpaper.   It's been super hot these past few weeks and there is no air conditioning in the house.  Needless to say that I can only stand to be in that hole for short periods of time.  The top layer of the wallpaper came off so easily I was thinking that I was gonna  be home free.  I was wrong.  I'm hoping to finish it this weekend, cross my fingers.

I've picked out the wallpaper I'm going to replace it with.  It's Flavor Paper's "City Park" design.

  It's so fun and whimsical with the parking meters, fire hydrants, rats and pigeons.   I love that from afar it looks like a damask but up close...well you can see for yourself.   I'm going to get it in a custom color though since I'm not keen on the ones they have.  The only problem is that I'm not sure what color it should be.   Whatever the color,  I think I'm going to break it up with either beadboard or board and batten since I think the pattern might be a little overwhelming.  Next I'm going to have to find a smaller toilet and a tiny vanity to replace the corner one that was in the room.  And, I need to find a cool pendant light. Oh, and a mirror.  Exhale. Ok.  Now to recap, this is what we've started with:

In all it's glory.  
I love the multilayered window treatments.  The shutters are literally resting against the window
Floor tile ideas

Seriously, check out the floor.  It's taped with masking tape.  Classy.

And what is it going to look like?  Not sure yet, but stay tuned.

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  1. I like black and white in small bathrooms and, given that all your pictures are black and white, you must like it, too. I'm so glad you're getting that wallpaper. You've been mooning over it for years now! It's going to look awesome.