Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Sitting Room Wallpaper

Well the wallpaper is up and I LOVE it.  Oh, and got the desk too which looks really nice against the wallpaper.  What I'm not showing you is our king mattress which is sitting on the floor.  We got our queen bed but left the king in the room and the kids have been having slumber parties on it on the weekends.  The kids will be bummed to learn that the mattress will be going away today though. I ended up getting chairs with ottomans for the room instead of a couch which are coming tomorrow!  We are super excited to have a cozy place to sit and watch tv at night which is just a stumbling distance to the bed.  Speaking of the bed, I did end up getting a headboard and it was none of the choices I showed you. I'm saving that for another post though since there isn't anything terribly interesting to see in the bedroom yet.  I still have a ton of stuff left to do.  I haven't ordered the lights yet and I've got fabric choices to finalize and curtains to make (blech) and final touches of course.

One little project we'll be working on is the fireplace.

Originally we wanted to convert this to a gas fireplace but because it's in a bedroom there are a lot of city codes hoopla that we would have to work around, and it was going to be really expensive.  So we ditched that idea and decided to do something a little simpler.  As you can see, it's not especially pretty at the moment.  We ended up buying a fireplace candelabra which is arriving later this week that we'll put some flameless candles on for a little ambience.  Then my husband had a great idea to do mirrored tiles inside the fireplace to give it a little bling.  We haven't found the tiles yet but I think we're going to end up making that happen.  In my head it looks amazing so I hope reality will mirror (ha- no pun intended) my vision.

That's all I've got for now.  Next week I should have some progress pictures with the chairs at the very least.

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