Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another Craft Room Update (Finish The Thing Already!)

This is taking a while.  I know.  Everything I do seems to.  BUT, it really is getting closer.  I finished putting the furniture together.  And if I ever see another cam bolt and lock again I'll scream!  

One of the drawer faces was damaged so I have a new one on order.  Oh joy.  More to put together.

The end table is getting a tablecloth.  I thought about painting it and then said nah.  It's going to be for sewing.  I may get something else in the future, but I had it so for now I'm calling it good...with a table cloth.  And notice the rug?  Cheapy McCheap from Amazon, but oh so soft and cozy underfoot.  I really wanted to keep the flooring neutral.  There's enough going on with the walls.  And, the ceiling is finally getting repaired in a few days and then this is going up.

from Amazon

I really wanted a semi flush mount with a lot of wattage and this is the only one that I could find that had a little bit of balls.  It takes 3 100 W bulbs.  I won't need sunglasses, but it's better than the 40 or 60 watters that I found.  I haven't gotten it yet but it's on order.  I really hope I like it in person.

I also have chairs in mind.  I think I'm going with some simple ghost side chairs and a head chair.  I'd like to keep things looking open which is why I think I'll go with them.  I'm picturing draping the desk one in a little sheepskin for a little extra something and maybe adding seat cushions to the other two.

I'm also going to order some of these for a bit of color and extra organization, which I obviously need.

from Amazon
I still need some shelves, a few pieces of art, and curtains (which I'm totally procrastinating about) and I think the room will be about done.  I feel like I'm missing something.  Hmm.  This is getting to be a regular phenomenon.  It really does suck getting old!


  1. When we moved into our current house, we had a lot of furniture gaps and not a lot of money so we headed off to Ikea and bought a bunch of stuff. I totally feel you on the 'please never let me see another cam bolt' moment. I think this is looking great! Can't wait to see how that light looks.

  2. I love your wall color! Is that a stencil? The light fixture is beautiful! What a bright and cheery room to create in!

  3. Lookin good sister! Why anyone ever uses 100 watt bulbs is beyond me. :)

  4. Hi, I am visiting you from Calling it Home and I just started following you. I love what you have done with your room so far. The walls are absolutely gorgeous!