Monday, March 17, 2014

A Painting Fool

My post title basically describes yours truly.  I didn't get to the curtains.  Partly because the thought of making them intimidates me so I'm kind of putting it off.  What I did do is paint.  And then paint some more.  And in between breaks from painting, I painted.  Seriously I feel like I should get paid for this.  I'd show you pictures but they'd bore you to tears.  I painted the closet in the craft room and the middle room, the middle room walls and ceiling and all the door molding and window trim.  It doesn't sound like that much but there was a lot of prep and priming involved.  My husband was able to replace the glass in the craft room window which took a while since that needed to be painted also.  Sensing a theme? Besides that  I did order some furniture for the craft room.  I was going to try to piece it together but that may have involved more hunting (and painting) than I really wanted.  Plus we saved a ton of money doing this work ourselves so I decided to reward all of our hard work by just buying what I think will work well.

via Home Decorators
 I ordered some furniture from the Martha Stewart craft space line from Home Decorators.  They were having a St Patrick's day sale which pretty much sealed the deal.  The irony is that I know what I'm in for.  Lots of long detailed instructions that may as well be in Chinese.  So I'll get what I a price.  More labor.


  1. I just saw that very stuff when I was at the Home Decorators store the other day. I loved it. Good choice! I hope you had a few cocktails mixed in with all of that paint!

  2. Some days, isn't it nice to dream about hiring a designer and getting emails with lists of potential items to buy and just replying 'why, yes, I will have the cashmere sofa thank you....'. Ha ha.

  3. I can't wait to see your finished craft room. The furniture pictured is stunning! I don't envy building it all though. Good luck! :)

  4. The prep work is the beast about painting, isn't it? But just think, that part is all behind you. You are one ambitious mama with this next project to put together; this room is going to be fab when you're done!