Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The TV (Eyesore) Placement Solution

Well all is now right with the world.  We've taken the tv off the wall, which was in itself a huge improvement, and moved it to the left wall.  The room isn't nearly finished and the furniture probably isn't staying and it's not neat, but it is what it is.   Actually it doesn't look too bad in the pictures because I hid all the toys and crap on the other side of the room that you can't see.

This is the view from the couch.  You can see where the apparatus was and how high the tv was placed.  No bueno.  Ignore the stickers that we have yet to take off of the new windows.

And here's how it looks with the tv on the left wall.  The piece of furniture we have it on is a bench we had in another room, but it works for now.  The chair and nesting tables used to be in our bedroom and may return at some point.  We have a sectional that we separated so one part is facing the fireplace and the other is on the right wall facing the tv.  That takes care of the two focal points.   Eventually I'll get my husband to take that thing off the fireplace wall and we'll put up a mirror or a piece of art.  Anything would be better really.  So, not perfect, but a hell of a lot better.  At least we won't be suffering from neck injuries while trying to view the tv;)


  1. Much better viewing height. I can never get over how high your ceiling are!! I am envious of that. I have chairs that float from room to room, also.

  2. fireplace is place where you can put your tv . it provide a warmth and beauty for the house. so. i want to suggest to every one to fit your tv over fireplace