Monday, December 12, 2011

Bu-Bye Old Porch

Since we have a new porch and entrance into the kitchen addition, there really is no need for the old one.  I mean it wasn't original to the house, and our yard is so stinkin small that we could use the space.  So it had to go.  


The doorway used to be where the Tyvek wrap is on the right.  The masons did an awesome job bricking it in.  You'd never know that used to be a door.

So now to the inside of the room.  Here's a picture when it was the kitchen.  Remember this?  The peacock wallpaper and linoleum floor?  Notice where the door used to be.

And now it's the family room.  We're adding a gas fireplace so the room will be nice and cozy.

Eventually it will look something like this. 


Oh, it looks so civilized.  I often look at the house and think, "will it ever be done?"  I'm not talking about decorated done.  I'm just talking about walls, toilets, get the point.  


  1. I all looks great, but I have to say I love the peacock wallpaper!

  2. You know, the peacock wallpaper has grown on me. In its day I bet it was very chic.

  3. That fireplace is going to be amazing!Will be checking in to see the progress.


    Miss B,

  4. Thanks for commenting Miss B. I'm hoping in the next few weeks it should be done...but I've learned not to hold my breath.