Sunday, November 6, 2011

We Have A Floor!!

As I suspected, the floors did not go in at the end of October.  Luckily that was only delayed about a week.  

They actually hammered each piece of wood in by hand.  No pneumatic gun.  Why you ask?  Gluttons for punishment?  Nah.  They like to do things old school because they feel that using the pneumatic gun results in some boards being tighter or looser than others.  Granted it goes much faster with automatic tools but they feel better about it and we couldn't be happier.  Forget that the floor is gorgeous...even though it still has to be sanded and polyurethaned.  It's a floor.  It represents one more step in the direction of us getting out of the carriage house and into our home.  Our spacious home where I'll have a kitchen and more than 300 sq ft to move around in.  

They're coming back to finish up the family room and hallway this week which already looks better now that the old wood has been removed.  

We would have liked to restore the old floors, but even the wood installer agreed that they were beyond repair.  So new floors it is.  

We should be getting the windows and new back door installed this week.  Another thing that will make a huge impact on the way the room looks.  And then, cabinets.  I may just pee myself I'm so excited.  

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