Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let There Be Light

Things are really starting to pick up now. The windows and new door are in and they started to put some of the cabinets in the room to configure where they will be going.  It's really starting to resemble a kitchen now.  

I guess I'd better start thinking about colors.  The cabinets are going all the way to the ceiling so the majority of the room will be white.  Obviously there are a lot of windows and thus a lot of natural light so I'm thinking that the walls are going to have to be somewhat dark.  We haven't picked out countertops or backsplash yet so that will skew our decision of course.  You would think that with how long this has taken that I would've  had this all figured out already, but I don't.  I've almost figured out which lights are going in the room.  These are the choices:


I've only seen the satin nickel island lights in person.  I'm waiting for the store to bring in the glass version before I decide.  I think they're a good look for the style and age of our house.  Originally I wanted to do lanterns but my husband gave it a big thumbs down.  For some reason he likes them for our hallway though.  No rhyme or reason with him.  Must be an XY thing.

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