Thursday, May 5, 2016

One Room Challenge-Sunporch and Master Bathroom-Week 5

Week 5, holy hell!!!!  Its down to the wire now.  So the curtain hardware is delayed.  I have everything but the brackets.  They said it's probably not going to get here in time so I had to go and buy temporary ones.  What a pain.  Also, I started on the curtains and finished one panel.  I put it up to see how it would look...disaster.  The fabric, though it said was appropriate for drapery use is way too thick and heavy.  My husband said it looked like something that should be on the couch in a Mad Men episode.  Ding ding ding.  So...I'm going in another direction.  I scrambled and found some fabric that actually just arrived last night.  In the ad it said there were 10 yards available which would be tight but would work.  Turns out it wasn't continuous!  Crap.  I'm going to work some magic and make it work though.  It's going to be a heavy sewing weekend.  My favorite, insert rolling eyes.  I also forgot to mention that I ordered another piece of furniture for the sunporch.  A cute little ottoman that will serve as extra seating if needed.  Not that it matters though since it will be a miracle if it gets here by next week.

On the brighter side of things I did get the roman shade for the bathroom which is gorgeous, and the mirror for the door is done.  The door is being picked up today and the mirror will be installed tomorrow.  There better not be any hiccups with that!  I also made the pillow covers and got my chairs in which I love.  Styling is almost done as well.  Now if I can just finish those frickin curtains all will be right with the world.  Here's a peek at my progress.

(The new fabric...wish me luck!)

(The painted etagere!)

I also got the real roman shade and made the pillow covers but I'm going to wait until next weekend to show them in the reveal.

Sunporch:  -Buy coffee table, end tables, chairs (ordered)
                  - Finish styling bookcase and style tables
                  - Put up natural shades (ordered)
                  -Make curtains and decorative pillows
                  -Faux fur rug (got it)
                  -Pray that the reality mirrors my vision

Masterbath:  -Get roman shade for window
                     -Make faux roman for small window
                     -DIY bench project
                     -Find/style etagere
                     -Hang closet door and get mirror made
                     -Touch up paint
                     -TIDY UP BATHROOM.

By the way, I'm going to go through all the sources next week.  Keep forgetting to do it but I promise I will!
That's about all for now.  Next week is going to be fun.  Not the whole week, just Thursday when it's all done and I can just relax and go to work.  Wait, what?  Oh, right. Work (rolling eyes).  I'm sure everyone is scrambling now, right?   Let's see shall we?  One Room Challenge Designers and Guest Participants.


  1. Tiffany I echo your sentiments-LOL! I can’t wait for the reveal! I love the direction the space is going in. As a fellow ORC participant it’s been wonderful to gather some fantastic inspiration. I’d love for you to share your progress at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Our readers would love to see it. The gathering is at

  2. I am loving what I am seeing here cant wait for next week!

  3. I still can't believe you took on 2 rooms for this round. You are my hero. I can't even get through a partial room makeover. Your plans all sound wonderful except for the sewing all weekend :) Good luck with that marathon, I hope your family brings you nourishment once in a while and I can't wait to see the end-result!!!!

  4. I'm looking forward to your reveal! I've been working on a master bathroom as well, and it's fun seeing so many others take shape during the ORC! Best of luck finishing up your list :)