Monday, February 17, 2014

Why Is It So Hard To Find A Good Hot Pink Paint?

So you can tell from the post title that I've decided on pink for the desk.  Remember my inspiration picture?

I've searched high and low (or at Ben Moore and Sherwin Williams) for something in this vain and I've come to the conclusion that this color doesn't exist outside of this picture.  I took a hot pink sweatshirt that I own to try to color match it and they couldn't do that either.  All the pinks I've looked at are just not bright enough.  I'm wondering if I'm going to have to look at Krylon paints.  I'm not anxious to spray paint the desk but maybe they could color match from the can?  Frustrating, especially since the desk looks like this..

All primed and ready to go.  On a separate note, I finished the stencil..Hooray!!!!!  It really wasn't as bad as I feared.

Note the stain on the ceiling.  The humidifier in the attic leaked and went through the ceiling...awesome.  So add getting the ceiling patched and painted again to the list.

I think it's the lighting, but the color is actually a bit more intense than it looks in these pictures.  Anyway, so the next thing (besides finding the holy grail of hot pinks) is getting the floor refinished which is starting today.  That should be a big transformation.  So, things are rolling along.  Once the floor is done my husband will put in the baseboards and most likely some crown molding.  Unfortunately NOTHING is square in our house. The ceilings are not the same height from one end of the room to the other which makes the stencil look a bit wonky in spots so I think molding will lend a hand in that regard. The next thing on my radar is a light fixture.  I need major wattage with minimal height and price.  Eek!


  1. you are amazing. the stencil looks great. can you bring the pic in and have them try to match from the image.

  2. You are the woman!!!!! I can't believe you did that whole room! It looks so great. Hope the right pink finds you. Can't wait to see that desk when it's done!

  3. Oooh. That's an awesome pink. Don't give up. I saw this post on Apartment Therapy that might be helpful .Otherwise, spray paint it is!

    Good luck.

    1. Thanks Kim! I'll check it out for sure:)

  4. The stencil looks awesome! Bummer on the paint. Hot pink is so tough. I about pulled my hair out trying to find a hot pink fabric once.

  5. you will find the right pink- it is out there waiting!!! the stencil is fab! and yuck on the ceiling issue.

  6. I think you should try spray paint. I love it on furniture. To me a zillion times better than painting.

  7. OMG! Stencil looks AMAZING! I love it!

    You can spray paint furniture but that size desk will probably take 15+ cans of spraypaint and a ton of time waiting for thin coats to dry. I"d try color matching a spraypaint first. Alternatively, color match the spraypaint or a near-miss pink, do a few coats of that, then finish with a top coat of spraypaint.

  8. This is going to look just gorgeous when you're done with everything. I can't wait to see it all put together!

  9. Nothing is square in our house either - story of my life. The stencil looks just as amazing as I knew it would. As for the pink paint have you tried the BM and SW apps? They both ways to try and color match an image to one of their colors.