Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Art For Boobear's Room

I haven't made a whole lot of progress in Boobear's room.  We've got beds, blackout shades for the windows and a crib, but that's kind of where things have come to a halt.  I have big plans for the room though.  I'd like to do something like this for behind the twin beds.

Source: via Jolie on Pinterest

Originally I wanted to do one of these,

Source: google.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

but, those seemed either too difficult or too costly. That's a lot of fabric!

I plan on doing the faux canopy and pelmet boxes for the windows in this fabric.

Via carouseldesigns.com
Then my friend Melanie turned me on to marbled paper from Paper Mojo.  I found the perfect paper to go with my gray, lilac and yellow scheme.

The great part about it is that it's super inexpensive and fairly big at 24" X 36".  Of course, I'm getting it matted and framed to be 36" X 48" so it won't be as good of a deal, but this is going over the fireplace so it has to be a bit large.

Things still left to do:
-buy bedskirts for twin beds and crib
-make pelmet boxes
-make faux canopy
-add decorative detail to TJ Maxx lampshade I bought
-add fabric to nightstand doors
-clean and paint fireplace hearth

I'm sure there's something else I'm forgetting, but this is going to keep me plenty busy.  This and a newborn in 2.5 weeks....Yikes!


  1. Such an exciting time for you!! I love all the things you are doing in each room...the color scheme in this one is so pretty!!

  2. I can't believe how gorgeous your house is going to be once it's done. It's gorgeous already, but you know what I mean!

  3. so funny, I was looking into doing a canopy in my bedroom but decided it was too expensive for the moment. Its a great look :-)

    Love the marbled paper...I am coming around to liking purple lately.

  4. I love that paper. Boobear is one lucky girl. It is fun watching this come together.

  5. Another pretty color scheme. The paper will look great! I can't wait to see this room completed.