Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Color My World Challenge-Week 2- DIY Sink Stand And Laundry Rules Sign

Well we've been busy bee's over here trying to figure out the plan for the laundry room.  This week we're focusing on decor in our colors, either DIYing or buying said decor.  Unfortunately I won't be able to show you the decor in the room since it still needs to be painted.

Anyway,  I mentioned that we are putting a sink on the left wall.  Here's a picture of it.

We got it off of Craigslist and had it reglazed a while back.  It's pretty large, about 42 inches wide, and it doesn't have a base to sit on. We've searched high and low for something for it, but Craigslist and thrift stores around town yielded a big fat zero.   So my clever husband went to a salvage store and bought some legs, a door, and some trim and made what I'm calling a franken-table.

Part of the inset area will be cut out to accommodate the sink.  My husband starting sanding it and soon realized that parts of it would need to be stripped.  Major pain in the arse, but gotta do it.  After stripping we painted it BM White Dove.  So here's the little franken-table in all her glory.  I'm still debating, but I'm probably going to put a skirt on it.

The next project was making a laundry rules sign.  I have a few laundry pet peeves that I felt needed to be put in writing so that they can promptly be ignored .  We bought a piece of poplar wood at Lowes to make it.  Amazingly enough, with all the destruction/construction going on around here I couldn't find a spare piece for my sign.  I already had the paint which is being used in the room.  I primed the wood and then painted it BM Black.  I never realized how many variations of the color black there are.  I don't know why I was surprised by this, but for an indecisive person like myself it was yet another potentially stressful moment.  So I just did the simplest thing and went for straight black.

Then there was the matter of how I was going to do the lettering.  I have a silhouette machine that I've never used which is packed away somewhere, so that wasn't an option.  I found some vinyl letters that I planned to paint over but then realized they were permanent, another option out the window.  When it came right down to it I just decided to use a ruler and my best penmanship while crossing my fingers.  I wrote everything out with a white colored pencil and had originally planned on painting the letters.  Big mistake.  My hand was way to shaky, so luckily I had the foresight to also buy a paint pen.  Much easier to use.  Here's the end result.

Is is perfect, no, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I plan on putting it over the window in the laundry room.  

I also bought these fabric containers, but I'm not sure if I'm going to use them or not.   We'll see.

We started another project which I didn't have time to paint.  My husband made a DIY laundry drying rack. I'm hoping to get that painted this week and post about it.  It was a crazy weekend so I think I need a little r & r.  Next week is the paint portion of the challenge and I have a big project ahead...sigh.

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  1. That table is great! I think it would look pretty with a skirt, but I like the legs so much that I wouldn't want to cover them up.

  2. I love the Franken table. I not the one to ask about a skirt...I'm not a big fan, but if it is tailored, it can look lovely. The sign came out great. My laundry sign says...Laundry is for the birds!

  3. Shelley WestermanApril 10, 2012 at 6:09 AM

    Ah hahaha!!! I love the table's name :D It turned out way awesome. I think it would work well with or without a skirt. Just love it!

  4. i love the laundry sign! i need one like that- i am always forgetting to check my pockets and i have washed several tissues. my husband complains about the lint. :)

  5. That's seriously impressive. I love the sink and the new frankentable (that made me laugh). How much did it cost to have your sink reglazed? We are looking at doing that to our kitchen sink and I haven't found anyone yet to do it!

  6. I can't wait to see this room come together! That sink is so pretty and mad props to your husband for making the table!

  7. Looking pretty slick, Tiff! I love that sink.

  8. The table looks very cool!! Can't wait to see it all come together!!

  9. I think the franken-table looks pretty awesome, and I could totally see a pretty fabric skirt underneath. The lines of the table seem right in keeping with the age of the house--kudos to your handy hubby!

    My laundry rules would something along the lines of "you can complain about the way I do laundry when you start doing the damn laundry."

  10. Love the frankentable, it looks great and once the sink is in and maybe a skirt, it will really be fabulous! your sign also turned out really great, especially for free hand writing! It will all come together, I was feeling stressed about this week too. Hang in there!

  11. You're doing a great job on this! I'm so sure a nice laundry makes washing clothes easier!

  12. Black Tag DiariesApril 10, 2012 at 9:19 PM

    i LOVE the franken-table!! can't wait to see it pulled all together!! and i'm a major sucker for a black & white color scheme... i'm still trying to figure out a way to incorporate my favorite black & white pillow into my now non-black & white living room...

  13. I think the sink base is perfect! Your sign is funny... now if you could just get them to follow the rules!