Monday, July 1, 2013

What Do You Think?

I painted the bathroom the Pink Raspberry.  I don't know folks.  It kinda glows.   And, if my friend Ken is reading this...shut it!

Ignore the patch that I didn't paint and look at the lights.  They aren't pink, but they sure look like they are.  It definitely casts a pink color on everything in the room.  I was going to repaint it (and I still may), but I'm going to put some sort of window treatment up and a mirror/art (and finish painting-Ha) and see how I feel.  I really hate painting and am not really looking forward to doing it a third time.  Sigh.

And here's how the room is shaping up.

Got the carpet which was pretty cheap and looks fantastic.  And here's a peeky poo at how it's coming together. Yep, I said peeky poo.  

I'd love to put this in front of the bed.

Super cute from Pier 1, but a bit more money than I want to spend.  Maybe it will go on sale?  

Anyway, I'm taking a bit of time off for the 4th and the week after, but I hope to have the room wrapped up shortly thereafter.  All I have left is...
-bust out sewing machine to make curtains for bathroom window and pillows for room
-find art for room
-find alternative to Pier 1 loveseat or have sudden windfall of money 
-find way to tone down glowing pink walls 

I think that's it.  I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!  Oh, and I added a bloglovin' thingy so hopefully it won't be crickets and tumbleweeds from now on:)


  1. well it could be fun and toned down by accessories, etc, so don't paint it again yet!

  2. @Cassie is being kind, Tiff. "toned down"? seriously Tiffany? Don't make me get on the 7:59 to Norfolk, because an intervention is definitely in order. NEXT!

  3. Accessories always make a difference. It's definitely bold, but I'd go ahead and try out some accessories before throwing in the towel. It will either confirm your love or hate for it. And, I love that settee! Fingers crossed you get it and a windfall of money :)

  4. It's hard to capture the true paint color in photos, but I had a blue I painted in our bathroom that I was so sad about...and then I swapped out the lightbulbs for different wattage and I LOVE it. Definitely easier than painting...worth a shot?

  5. I think once you get a mirror up, and bring in some more white and that delicious green from the wallpaper, it will not be so jarring! I was a little scared when I first painted Hannah's closet with a similar closet but with everything in it, it's not so wild anymore!

  6. I agree with everyone else (except Ken). Wait until you have everything up-ish until you make a decision. Right now, the pink is bouncing off everything. Once the mirror and fabric is in there, it may tone done. And you don't have to perfectly install everything either. Prop the mirror against the wall as best you can and put the fabric up with thumb tacks.

  7. I kind of love it. It is a guest bath, right? If you can't go a little wild in a room that doesn't get much use, then where can you? And if I haven't already mentioned, that wallpaper is awesome. Great job!

  8. Come back! I'm dying to know the final outcome!