Sunday, May 15, 2011

The New Master Suite

Since the house was designed for a completely different time we've decided that a few tweaks are necessary to make sense for our lifestyle.  The master bedroom and bath are a case in point.  I'm really not sure where the bed went since no wall seems big enough to frame anything more than a twin, maybe.  The bathroom is another concern.  We've lived in historic houses before and are quite familiar with the petite size which is typical of the bathrooms.  However, that being said, we're going to stretch it to the max to try to squeeze every inch we can to get our version of a dream bathroom.  It won't be big.  It will be bigger.  

We decided to leave it to the professionals since we're going to be moving walls so here's the new layout for the master bedroom/sitting room/bathroom:

So we're knocking down the wall between the original master bedroom and the room next to it.  We're going to have pocket doors between the two rooms to make the front room a sitting area to the adjoining new master.  The original bathroom is getting pushed out into the original master to enlarge it.  Demolition here we come!

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  1. It's going to look so good. When are you going to start on this project?